English Essentials Explained is designed for STUDY, REFERENCE and REVISION for ages 15 to 90+

Do you have nagging misgivings about your grammar, spelling or punctuation when having to write something of a formal nature, e.g. an extended piece of writing of any kind, a business letter, a job application, a document or report at work, a student thesis – indeed anything that your reader will judge you by?

Do you wish that you could express yourself more accurately when writing or saying something without having to worry about your choice of words or the appropriate style to use in any given situation?

If any of the above gives you cause for concern, English Essentials Explained will improve your English and provide you with better opportunities throughout your life!

English Essentials Explained concentrates on the basics everyone needs to know in order to write and speak elegantly in every situation. All the key pitfalls are explained in plain words, supported by examples of how, why, where and when to use certain words, phrases and grammatical constructions.

The style throughout is relaxed and unstuffy, and you’ll find it fun as well as educational!

This self-help 160-page book draws on a lifetime’s experience of the author, Jill Bray, in teaching and researching the English language. It’s designed to fill the gaps in your knowledge and highlight the main points you need to be aware of in order to improve your English.

It consists of 349 Tips with over 1,000 examples (often humorous) to simplify problems in grammar, spelling, punctuation, common errors, style, drafting, writing and proofreading, in both writing and speech.

It provides tips on how to link sentences and paragraphs, how to revise documents effectively, how to think clearly and how to write clearly, using correct words, correct sentences and correct paragraphs.

At the end of each section, you’ll find questions and answers to check your progress.