Just a few of the many I have on file:

I had the privilege of proofreading English Essentials Explained by Jill Bray. I was rather reluctant to consent to reading a ‘grammar book’ and only did it because Jill is a good friend and I wanted to help. I had a pleasant surprise! I could never have imagined that one could enjoy going through points of grammar, choice of words, tips on style and other fine points of the English Language. The contents are humorous, exciting, fascinating, and even, at times, cliff-hanging! I can recommend English Essentials Explained for everybody: for students of the English Language; for anybody who wants to write proper English; for anybody who would like to be sure of correct usage; for every webmaster who puts a website online; even for students of English as a Foreign Language. I have never seen anything like this before. This is a must for everybody who writes anything in English. KA, Germany

English Essentials Explained is an excellent little book which could be a welcome to any bookcase. There are many different reasons for buying it, and many people would find it invaluable: in fact, anyone who needs to write good English. The book will give the reader confidence and support when an important piece of writing is required, when one’s English is “on show” and could be criticised: job applications, writing reports, letters of condolence and congratulations, writing essays, helping children with homework and many more. Unsure of using colons and semi-colons correctly? Their correct use will transform your sentence construction. All are explained clearly and simply. The comprehensive index makes it easy to access quickly just the section you need. For me, it has filled a niche in the market. I can highly recommend it. J.T. Malvern, UK

It looks very impressive and is really helpfully presented – mine will definitely be on my classroom shelf tomorrow. RC, Scotland

I have enjoyed both reading and using English Essentials Explained. The format is clear, and the regular opportunities for self-testing very satisfying. Jill navigates the reader through the many complexities and irregularities of the English language with great skill and covers a wide range of topics, including foreign words and phrases. This is an invaluable addition to the bookshelf, next to the dictionary and thesaurus. It could also sit by the computer! EM, San Diego

The short exercises in the book make me think about what I’m reading and help me to remember better. I also like the way Jill points out all the really bad errors some people (including me sometimes) make. I shall know better next time. It was very helpful to me to learn when to use formal and when informal English. I particularly like the way Jill instructs, by writing as if she is talking to me. SA, Canada

I enjoyed all the amusing examples! These made their point in a more interesting way, as learning English can be dull. With English Essentials Explained this became far more fun! YB, New York

Jill edited three of my books, both prose and poetry, quickly and efficiently. Many thanks, FC, Worcester